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Dulcimers For Sale

All dulcimers are made with all solid wood.

email me at heydochey@gmail.com if you're interested in purchasing any of the dulcimers listed below.


Used Dulcimers


2004 Kurt Simerman professional performance model dulcimer SOLD

This is a rare opportunity to own a Kurt Simerman professional performance model dulcimer, his top of the line model. This is a high end professional grade instrument. The sound is bigger and brighter than most dulcimers available today. Plays well with bar chords. If you like to be heard in a jam, this dulcimer will deliver; it cuts through banjos, guitars, and fiddles.


Kurt built it 2004 and it’s #725. If you know Kurt’s history, he was a premier dulcimer builder, died in 2007, and made about 850 dulcimers. This dulcimer is in pristine condition and comes with a hard shell case bought from the Simermans. The dulcimer has his hummingbird design, a double back, scalloped fretboard, extra frets include: 0.5, 1.5, 6.5, and 8.5 frets. It's all solid wood, AAA grade curly mango on top, walnut back and sides with an ebony fretboard. Strap button on both sides. The scale length is 25.5". There is no pickup. $2500.


Buyer pays shipping, handling, and insurance. No returns.


From Kurt’s website (now defunct):

"The excellence built into Simerman Mountain Dulcimers are the result of continual refinement and development to meet the demanding needs of veteran dulcimer players and performers. The Simerman Mountain Dulcimer designs create a blend of balanced tone and optimum sound projection. When you see, hear, and feel a Simerman Mountain Dulcimer, you will discover every detail has been considered to create the absolute best acoustic instrument."


Kurt gave these reasons to own a Simerman dulcimer:
1. short scale length (allows easy finger positioning)
2. superior sound projection (more easily heard with other instruments)
3. larger range of tones from very soft to very loud
4. floating bridge produces balanced tone and clarity of voice
5. each instrument is one of a kind, handcrafted from solid hardwood materials
6. adjustable bridge height (built into bridge design)
7. precision intonation (notes are in tune throughout fretboard)


This is what Kurt said about his performance model dulcimer:

"The performance dulcimer is a hybrid instrument evolved over the years from the demands of veteran and professional players. This dulcimer stands above the masses with its superior tonal clarity and sound projection.


The success of this dulcimer lies in its floating bridge design. The bridge, separate from the fretboard, transfers the string energy directly into the soundboard. This is a large improvement over the traditional design which requires the entire fretboard mass to vibrate in order to generate the sound. The bridge is supported with an elaborate bracing system to transmit the resonance throughout the soundboard area. A large sound box, scalloped fretboard, double back, and premium tone woods are also available design elements that play an active role in the success of this instrument.


Additional Features:
The fretboard includes a curved finger rest allowing an anchor point for the player when finger picking or flat picking. The bridge has two set screws built into it to allow string action adjustment using an allen wrench, eliminating the need for shimming, filing, or notching the bridge. The tail piece has a unique slot-pin system to hold tension on the bridge and make restringing hassle free. The scale length is 25.4 inches providing easy finger reaches for chords and playing fast licks.”





Sound of a similar model Simerman dulcimer strummed



Sound of a similar model Simerman dulcimer flatpicked



Sound of a similar model Simerman dulcimer fingerpicked



Listen to Kurt talk about building dulcimers and hear what a Simerman dulcimer sounds like.






1978 Sunhearth sold!
Made by the famous builder Walt Martin, it has all the beautiful details from regular Sunhearth: fiddle scroll headstock, unique Sunhearth sound holes, scroll at the tail piece, wood hook under headstock for strap. It has redwood top and walnut back and side. 27” scale. The body is 7"wide and 2"deep. This is a professional instrument with a great tone. Only one thousand Sunheearth were ever made this is #475. This dulcimer has few repaired cracks on top and side, which is not unusual for instrument at this age. Few patched holes at the headstock.


More info on history of Sunearth dulcimers

click on image for bigger picture



Video about Sunhearth dulcimer, please note the Sunhearth dulcimer on this video is Concert Hourglass, the dulcimer above is a standard hourglass.





1979 T. J. Harrison $250 SOLD
Very well made dulciemr by TJ Harrison of Ohio. Spruce top, cherry side,very beautiful lightly curly cherry back. 27" scale length. Has a wide body of 8" and body depth of 2.25". Has a very bright and rich sound with hight volume than a regular dulcimer because the wider body. This dulcimer has chromatic fret pattern. I can take out the extra frets and convert it to regular dulcimer fret pattern for extra $25.


click on image for bigger picture






1990 Sunhearth Concert Hourglass #972 , SOLD!
Back in the 80's, he Sunhearth Concert Hourglass "Lorraine Lee Hammond model" dulcimer is probably the best dulcimer you get can for you money. It was made by the famous builder Walt Martin. Redwood top and walnut back and side. 27” scale. The body is 7" wide and 2"deep. Much longer body than the regular Sunearth model.


To say this dulcimer is a work of beautiy would be an understatement. It has all the wonderful details from regular Sunhearth: fiddle scroll headstock, unique Sunhearth sound holes, wooden "feet" on the back, scroll at the tail piece, wood hook under headstock for strap. Because this is a deluex model it also has a scalloped fretboard, under the bridge pickup, golden tuners with wood buttons, special 3 piece bone bridge. This is a professional instrument with a great tone. Only one thousand Sunheearths were ever made this is #972. Because this one of the last dulcimers Walt Made the craftsmanship and sound is top notch. I owned a few Sunhearths over the years. This is my favorite one. Orignal hardcase included


More info on history of Sunearth dulcimers

click on image for bigger picture


Video of another Concert Hourglass Sunhearth Dulcimer played by Heidi Mueller


More about Sunhearth dulcimer, the dulcimer in this video is the same model as the dulcimer above





New Dulcimer designed and build by Wayne


Mini Jumbo #2 SOLD
This is both a small and big dulcimer, The body is 10.5” wide and 2.75” deep, yet the overall length is only 31”. The scale length is 24", great for folks with smaller hands. It’s small enough to fit into a modified baritone ukulele case. It’s a dulcimer with a big voice, with fantastic deep bass and bright treble. First growth redwood top, eastern walnut sides, figured book matched California walnut back, paduak fret board. Bird and hearts inlay and marker on the fretboard. This dulcimer has extra frets of 1.5 and 8.5. Case is included with the dulcimer.


click on image for bigger picture



Videos of Mini Jumbo #1:















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