Lan Su Night Window, 14"x14", 2021, acrylic on panel ,available for sale, retail price: $850

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Over Look, 3.5"x7", 2021, acrylic on panel, SOLD


Cherry Trees Covered in Snow, 8"x8", 2021, acrylic on panel,SOLD



Lanterns and Round Open Door, 24"x24", 2021, acrylic on canvas, retail price: $1500





Red Lanterns, 10"x10", 2021, acrylic on panel, SOLD





Monterey Moonlight, 8"x10", 2021, acrylic on panel, retail price: $350

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Snow Path #1,   24"x24", 2018, acrylic on canvas, available for sale, SOLD





Night Entrance,   7"x6", 2019, acrylic on panel, SOLD





Snow Path #3,   9"x9", 2019, acrylic on panel, sold





Lions in Waiting,   14"x11", 2019, acrylic on panel, sold









Roof Top by the Boulevard,   9"x12", 2018, acrylic on panel, sold





Vermeer by the Window,   12"x12", 2017, acrylic on panel, sold




Other Sold Artworks