Creating Thoughtful Interiors in Acrylic

upcoming workshop dates:

4/1-4/29 2023 (online) $210*
(5 Saturday mornings 10:30am-12:30pm PST max of 20 students)
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When an interior painting has a compelling composition, balanced color combination, and an appropriate amount of detail, it can be mediative, intriguing, and even thought provoking. In this workshop we’ll create 3 interior paintings while exploring how to:

• Arrange interior open spaces and objects to create a compelling composition
• Paint light and shadows on interior architectural features like doors, windows, floor, and furniture
• Create space and depth by combining transparent and opaque layering techniques, soft and hard edges, and muted and saturated colors
• Create interior paintings with meaning and a narrative

We’ll also examine works from famous artists from the past, like Johannes Vermeer and Edward Hopper to help us understand how to effectively create interior paintings.

You can create paintings using the same references as Wayne’s demo or create paintings from your own references. If you choose to paint with your own reference, Wayne will help you work out the composition and color combination in your painting.

Both online and in person workshops will include painting demos, student work feedback sessions, slideshow presentations, and eye training exercises. These combinations of activities are designed to help refine your painting techniques and observation skills. Photo references will be provided for all painting assignments. Students are welcome to bring their own photo references for their own paintings.

In person workshops will have extended painting sessions. During these sessions, students will get one-on-one mentoring from Wayne.

Online workshop students will have access to download a video file of the painting demo to refer to so they can paint along at home at their own pace. There will be critiques at the beginning of some of the classes.

Online workshop students are responsible for knowing how to:

Workshop level: upper beginner to intermediate

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Sample paintings for this workshop