Apply Color Recipes to Advance Your Paintings

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$225, online 5 Thursday nights 6:45-9pm PST
(no class 11/23)

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In cooking, a recipe is a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of suggested ingredients. In painting, there are also recipes for particular subject matters and painting styles. Except the ingredients are the color combinations and the set of instructions is how to mix and apply these colors together to achieve the right effect. The slideshows, color exercises, and painting assignments have been designed to help you learn how to apply the color recipes from some of your favorite painters and art periods.

you’ll learn how to:

· Use simple color theory concepts and logic to determine why some color combinations work and why others don't
· Identify the main, supporting, and accent colors in a color recipe from a painting by a well-known artist
· Analyze the relationship and meaning between colors in a color recipe
· Determine the color saturation levels and which areas to apply each color in a color recipe
· Create subtle variations for each color in your color recipes in muted and saturated forms and apply them to your paintings

In this workshop we will create 3 paintings from the color recipes from 3 different well-known artists or art movements. In each painting, we will create quick multiple color studies before jumping into the painting using different color recipes from one artist or art movement. We will analyze why which color study is best for the painting with color theory logic, history and cultural references, and your sensibilities. After that we will create the painting based on the choosen color study. Wayne will do all the painting demos in acrylic. You can work with any medium of your choice in this class.

Both online and in person workshops will have slideshow presentations, painting demos, painting exercises, painting assignments, and paint along with Wayne. Photo references will be provided for all painting assignments. Students are welcome to bring their own photo references for their own paintings.

In person workshops will have extended painting sessions. During these sessions, students will get one-on-one mentoring from Wayne.

Online workshop students will have access to download a video file of the painting demo to refer to so they can paint along at home at their own pace. There will be critiques at the beginning of some of the classes.

Online workshop students are responsible for knowing how to:


Demo paintings and presentation slides from past workshops: