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Dulcimer For Sale

I only sell dulcimer made wit all solid wood.
Photos and long description of each dulcimer coming soon.


Used Dulcimers

#02 Black Mountain $120
Spruce top, mahogany back and side, 25” scale length. Perfect for beginner

#03 Shellnut/Magic Mountain $130
Spruce top, walnut back and sides, 26” scale length. Great dulcimer for beginner


#06 1983 Sunhearth $500 SOLD
Made by the famous builder Walt Martin. Redwood top and walnut back and side. 27” scale. This is a professional instrument with a great tone.



Restored Dulcimers

#01 All Spruce $100
All spruce body dulcimer with a maple fret board. This narrow body dulcimer great for traveling.


#04 Flying Bird teardrop $175 SOLD
Hemlock top, aromatic cedar side, poplar back, bubinga fretboard, with birds and stars sound holes. At 24” scale length this dulcimer is perfect for anyone one with short fingers


#05 Curly Maple Hourglass $250
All solid curly maple body, buninga fretboard, cocobolo headstock veneer, 25.5” scale.



New Dulcimer designed and build by Wayne


Spruce/Walnut Soprano $225
14” scale dulcimer, tuned DAD one octave higher than a standard dulcimer.
Englemann Spruce, western walnut back and side, Bubinga fretboard, cocobolo headstock veneer


Redwood/Walnut Mini Jumbo $500
This is both a small and big dulcimer, The body is 10.5” wide and 3” deep, yet the overall length is only 31”. It’s small enough to fit into a modified baritone ukulele case. It’s a dulcimer with a big voice, with fantastic deep bass and bright treble. First growth redwood top, eastern walnut sides, California walnut back, paduak fret board.











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