( workshop for for Upper Beginner and Intermediate Students)

Upcoming workshop: 1/9-2/13 2021
Six Saturdays 10:30am-12:30 Pacific Time, $130.00

This workshop will focus on composition, details, brush strokes and color combinations
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What’s my secret in success for painting? Checklists and processes.

Through painting demos, slideshow presentations, and painting assignments, this workshop is designed to help you learn the processes, concepts, and how to use my extensive painting completion checklist to improve your acrylic painting. Each workshop will focus on a different set of skills, techniques, and concepts in the following areas:

Both online and in person workshops will have slideshow presentations, painting demos, painting exercises, painting assignments, and paint along with Wayne.

In person workshops will have extended painting sessions. During these sessions, students will get one-on-one mentoring from Wayne. Photo references will be provided for all painting assignments. Students are welcome to bring their own photo references for their own painting.

Online workshop students will have access to download a video file of the painting demo to refer to so they can paint along at home at their own pace. There will be critiques at the beginning of some of the classes. Online workshop students are responsible for knowing how to:

This online workshop is offered once a year.


Online Class structure

Painting demos and paint along
Painting demos will illustrate practical applications of concepts from slideshow presentations. Painting demos will be recorded. Students can choose to either paint along with Wayne during the Zoom class session or sit back and watch the demo and take notes. Then later, they can paint along the recorded painting demo video at their own pace.

Painting demo recordings will be available for download approximately 1 hour after the demo ends. Wayne will send an email with the link to the video. Because of Zoom’s space limitations, each video will be deleted in 48 hours in order to make room for new painting demo recordings. If a student wants to paint along with the video, he/she is responsible for downloading the video before it’s deleted.

While the painting demo is being recorded, students’ images and voices may be recorded if a student asks a question. If a student does not want his or her image to be recorded, the student needs to turn off his or her video when asking a question. If a student does not want his or her voice to be recorded, the student needs to ask questions using the chat feature.

Condensed video of the painting demo from a online class recorded by Zoom. All recorded painting demos videos contain painting and palette view.

Painting critique
For students who want a critique, they need to email a photo of their painting to Wayne at least 12 hours before the critique class begins.

Slideshow presentations topics
• Applying color theory
• Composition
• Developing the eyes of a painter in you
• Painting strategies and concepts
• Art history that relates to color and painting
• Painting styles

Class assignments
Class assignments will be based on concepts explained during the painting demos and slideshow presentations. If it’s required, Wayne will send photo references and concept handouts via email before a painting demo or slideshow presentation.

One-on-one feedback
Students will receive feedback from Wayne via email of their paintings in progress anytime for the duration of the class.

Students are responsible for knowing how to:
• Log into Zoom. Be sure to test this before the first class session.
• Send email file attachments of photos of their painting to Wayne for feedback.


Student artworks from this workshop