Acrylic is an incredibly versatile medium. It can be used in illustrated journals, texture abstract paintings, or traditional portrait paintings. Learning the essential techniques of acrylic painting to improve any art project. (no painting experience necessary)

Topics and exercises include

• Mixing colors
• Transitioning to acrylic from other medium
• Preparing painting surface for acrylic painting
• Blending and brush stroke techniques sx
• Create focal point with hard and soft edges
• Create sutble colors with a limited color palette

Material List
Please bring the following to the workshop:

• Small table top easel
• Color palette
• Rounded brushes: #0 #2 #4 #8
• 2-3 small stretched canvases, your choice of width and height between 6”-18”
• Photo references with good detail and strong light for the painting

Bring the following acrylic colors in a tube or jar:

(Golden and Nova Color are the preferred brands, other brands are okay.)
• Titanium White
• Yellow Ochre
• Burnt Sienna
• Raw Umber Dark
• Ultramarine Blue
• Gloss Medium and Varnish
• Cadmium Yellow
• Cadmium Red Medium

Optional colors: Mars Black, Permanent Green, Phthalocyanine Blue, Matte Medium.

Workshop Fee: $125-$300 depending on class duration


Student artworks from this workshop